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The heat almost killed me..also my favorite chef

 Okay so I live near the coast…I’m use to it being in the 70’s towards the end of September but for some reason it has been in the 100’s. I learned something about myself this week…I cannot live in hot weather, I can’t concentrate, I can’t cook or bake 😦 I couldn’t even sleep (okay that’s an exaggeration I did sleep but only for about 5 hours a night the rest of the time was spent tossing and turning). Today it was 86 and it actually felt cool to me! I could think again! I got a good night sleep! my cat Hunter who is a giant fur ball was no longer suffering! it was a great day. I’m writing this because I can finally think and I havent been able to post anything in a week, k so finally a point to this post of whining..My favorite chef!

drum roll please 😉

Marco Pierre White, I discovered this awesome british chef while watching “No Reservations” (<love that show). Chef White has taught many great chefs such as Gordon Ramsay, I don’t know about you but when I think of Gordon Ramsay I think of a scary tuff chef who I wouldn’t mess with but Chef White has no problem telling him what he really thinks of him (they no longer get along) and it seems like Chef White is the only person who has no problem purposely pissing off Gordon Ramsay (Chef White even made Ramsay cry once!)..its great but enough about him and Gordon. Chef White made history by being the youngest British chef to be awarded with 3 Michelin Stars at the young age of 33. Chef White is able to be such an amazing chef because he doesn’t listen to the rules or the critics he does what he knows in his mind to be right, he spends time with nature and watches how animals are and what they eat, giving him new inspiration. Chef White actually cares about the food and not just about the money and the title making him great!

“We are in an age of refinement, not invention; all the greatest dishes have been done, Mother Nature is the true artist and our job as cooks is to allow her to shine”

– Marco Pierre White

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