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Daisy….my pup

Daisy and her potatoI have two dogs Daisy May (a boxer) and Tootsie Elizabeth (a shih tzu) (her name is ridiculously proper) my favorite dog is Daisy. Now don’t get me wrong Tootsie is hilarious I love her too, she’s just too crazy for me. Daisy is the type of dog that wants you to like her, so she listens when you tell her to do something unlike Tootsie who just walks away. I like to think there is no other dog like Daisy but I know there are probably a lot like her, she loves sun bathing (even last week when it was 110 she tried to sun bathe but we brought her inside) baths (as long as the water is warm) and sleeping on pillows for hours. She has this toy dog that says “happy new year amigos” from Taco Bell from a billion years ago that we gave her and when she bites it in a certain spot it says “happy new year amigos” so she will go around the house for about an hour just making the stuffed dog say it, she becomes obsessed with it….its the cutest, funniest thing. She also loves raw potatoes, sometimes they will fall out of the bag when I grab a few for cooking and she just picks it up and starts eating it, its soo funny to see. One time she grabbed a big bag of chocolate and ran to the backyard with it and ate the entire thing and was totally fine. Another time she ate a bee or a wasp and it stung her face and her face blew up and got puffy, it looked like she got socked or something it was scary to see but also funny because she eats everything and that’s what happens when your dog isn’t picky. When we first got Daisy, she would always run outside so we would get this red broom we use to have to scare her back in (we didn’t hit her with it, it was just to scare her in) and to this day (7 years later) she is still scared of red brooms. Daisy is also an emotional eater, everyday when my dad comes home from work she gets super happy and excited and runs to her food bowl to eat (it is the just beyond funny). One time right after I had gotten my cat Drama, who at the time was a kitten, I asked Daisy “Wheres Drama??? Wheres Drama??” and she led me right to Drama who was hiding under my parents bed. We got Daisy a few weeks before christmas so it was cold out, at the time we had one of those heaters that’s metal that you plug-in and basically no one should have one because if you bump in to it you will burn, anyways Daisy loves being warm and whenever the heater was off she would bark at it (it was the cutest thing in the world). Also when she was a pup her legs were so long she couldn’t figure out how to reach her dog food bowl so she would just stare down at it.  The picture is of her eating a potato, I took it last month.

“You think dogs will not be in heaven? I tell you, they will be there long before any of us.”

– Robert Louis Stevenson

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