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Drama Izzy Iero ♥

Oh Drama, my loony kitten whose very start of life is a complete mystery to me.

What is there to say about Drama?

Well, she’s a crazy, she’s an evil creature, her brain must be similar to the messed up one the monster in Frankenstein gets instead of the normal one. She might be so odd because her first 3 weeks of life were spent in a car, at least I think they were. See, I found Drama down the street from my house in a car parked in the driveway of an abandoned house, I was with my friend when we were coming home from the park and we heard meowing, we had heard it on the way there, but we simply ignored it. Anyways some neighbors came out and told us they had been hearing it all day, we looked under the car and there “It” (I say that in a loving way of course she’s my baby) was. Now this is no normal cat, one time about 7 months ago there was a bird in our backyard and when it would “chirp” or whatever it is called it sounded like a creaky gate in the middle of a storm, it was terrible! this bird tormented me for weeks…..then one day Drama caught the bird like she knew it was bothering me. What made it really weird was that she only hunts mice, she never hunts birds and catches them. Anyways after hours of trying and now 8 neighbors helping it was clear Drama wasnt coming out. My mother called me saying to walk home and wait three hours, now my mom was thinking that the cat would of course be gone by then but me and my friend were thinking that cat is ours. Three hours later at 11:30 we walked back down the street, and we heard Drama. Somehow we managed to scare her out of the car and then we had to chase her for 20 minutes with the hunt ending in prickly bushes, luckily my friend was willing to reach in and pull her out. Finally we were walking home with out new little crazy kitten who was fighting with all her strength to get away. Drama has gotten nicer and a lot less skittish but she still seems so crazy like she’s an evil master mind, especially when you are watching tv and she is laying on the couch and you look over at her and she’s staring at you with the most evil look. My favorite memory of Drama is when she was kitten she lived on my bed in this cage that I made with old wire I used so my rabbit could go outside, anyways as she got older she would climb the cage and escape which was hilarious to watch so I finally had to pin a blanket on top….it was the cutest thing to watch her try to escape. I love my cat Drama who is no longer a kitten even though I still call her one, I love her like a kid probably because I bottle fed her (she also use to bite and rip the top of the bottles so we had to buy one after another) but she seems so evil at times its crazy to watch. The pic of her in the towel is right after her first bath when she was just a baby 🙂 and the other pic is the most recent.

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