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Song of the week

On Saturday I worked on my music appreciation project (with my dad) that was on The Clash which was a lot of fun. In honor of my project this weeks song will be a song by The Clash…At the moment im unsure which to choose.. Janie Jones or Rudie can’t fail? Janie Jones has that immediate start with lyrics most listeners of the clash can relate to but Rudie can’t fail has the extremely fun beat. I’m going with Rudie can’t fail. The song is amazing! it makes you want to be a punk or a “Rudie boy” who apparently is juvenile delinquent or criminal in Jamaica, the first rudie boys came from the poorest parts of Kingston Jamaica in the 1950’s and in the 1960’s the term (Rudie) became popular. The Clash’s song is about a rudie boy being told to do something with his life instead of wasting it riding around on the bus listening to music and being a punk and the rudie boy rebels. I love the very beginning “Sing michael sing” the entire song is amazing..the melody is fun and up beat..its by an awesome punk band that has actual punks in it..its the real deal it’s not just a good sound or just good lyrics or just a cool band that seems awesome and then turns out to be awesome this is an awesome band with amazing lyrics and amazing sound..anyway..  Have a great Week!

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