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Officially Christmas..

Well..its here! The best time of the year (yeah it’s a fact)..it is now Christmas time because I have finally gotten to “Eloise at Christmas Time”(I really feel like a little kid right now..full of christmas spirit(; ). This movie is amazing, at least to me it is..Eloise is hilarious her attitude and behaviour makes her adorable and the way she handles all her different adventurous situations will always making me laugh no matter how old I am. I watched Eloise with a cup of apple cinnamon tea and my two pups Daisy and Tootsie passed out by my side. Christmas movies are such fun, the point of the post isn’t to say that “Eloise at Christmas Time” is my favorite one it’s just that its kicks off the holiday. My favorite christmas movie is of course “A Christmas Story”.. Oh how I adore that movie.. whats not the love?? the leg lamp..the crazy Bumpuses dogs that run through the house..the PINK bunny footsie pajamas…the “Chinese turkey” at the chinese food resteraunt..Randy eating like a little piggy at the table and finally Mr. Parkers hilarious battle with the furnace. I really cant wait to watch “A Christmas Story” with my family..its one of the best parts of christmas. Christmas really also is incomplete unless you stock up on hot chocolate, candy canes, egg nog (and a lovely egg nog scented candle that i thought would be nasty but smells amazing) and my favorite christmas cookies.. pepparkakor which is really just ginger snaps but to me they are even more special. I soon will be making hundreds of these just for the holidays and ill be sure to post the recipe I always use and pictures. I hope everyone has a great weekend and an amazing start to this holiday season.

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  1. A big problem with Christmas is that those of us who have no reason to celebrate it have to spend a month between Thanksgiving and New Years dealing with Christmas at work. Christmas is the only religious holiday that everyone has to stop working for.

    December 15, 2010 at 2:08 pm

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