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Song of the week (Christmas themed) also Mumford and Sons

This weeks song will be a song that will help to get anyone  feel the Christmas spirit! It’s my favorite Christmas song…I think..or at least right now it is. This weeks song is…..Jingle Bells by Frank Sinatra!! This song is amazing!!! it’s so cheerful, countless artists have recorded their own cover of this song but to me Frank Sinatra’s is the  best and always will be, which is no surprise because anything that Frank covered became his song and a song no one could ever sing  better. This song will get you in the perfect mood for Christmas time..I guarantee it.

Now, I’m going to take a random turn and write about another band. I wanted to make this weeks song a song by them but I really needed it to be a christmas song since its christmas time and I can’t have a christmas song for the song of the week in the middle of July( well I can but it just wouldn’t work). The band I need to talk about is Mumford and Sons. This band is amazing, I have been listening to them for about a year now but today I really started listening to all their music to see if I like more of their songs besides the cave and little lion man…and guess what..The band is brilliant! The song that really caught my attention was Thistle and Weeds..its beautiful! I hate describing things with the word epic because it’s so over used with teenagers but seriously this song is epic.. The band seems to be so talented because it’s not that  just together they are great but even separate they would be equally talented and that’s important. All of their songs have this folk indie rock sound that’s just fun and easy-going..the fact that they have a banjo in most of their songs helps give them the easy-going feel. The lyrics are more than lyrics they could be poetry..kinda like how some of  The Doors song were like poetry. Anyways this band has a very unique sound and they are just great, The lead singers voice is so different, I can’t even compare it to anything and I usually can do that with every lead singer. If you havent heard any of their music or if you have only heard little lion man and the cave you gotta check out Winter Winds, Liar and After the Storm..

I hope everyone has a great week!!

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