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Fresh Bread

I love baking..it is without a doubt my most favorite thing in the world to do..I would rather spend a day baking than anything else..even exploring and I love adventure. When ever I am asked what my specialty is..or what my favorite thing to bake is I always answer the same….bread.

Now..why bread? why not a pastry or a tart or a pie?

I choose bread because its amazing..so simple yet when its fresh out of the oven with a drizzle of honey on top its my favorite thing to eat. Making bread is fun also, I love kneading the dough, and checking on it to make sure its rising not to fast and not to slow. My favorite bread to make is cinnamon swirl bread because i love that the work isn’t over when the bread is done rising. When the bread is finished rising roll it out in a perfect rectangle and then mix cinnamon and sugar together..i then brush a bit of water on the dough then sprinkle the beautiful mixture of sugar and spice on the dough. After rolling it up in a loaf shape and pinching the sides..you then wait an hour for it to rise again…then finally, finally! you get to bake the bread but then it’s another 40 minutes till you get to smell it and even then you need to let it sit and cool for a few minutes..if you don’t your bread dries out. Another amazing bread to make is french bread with a twisted top…that’s the one that’s best with spot of honey on top. The cookery book that I get all my bread recipes from is “The illustrated encyclopedia of American Cooking”

 Hands down..the best cook book I own..amazing recipes and the way its organized is ex. Cinnamon then it tells you everything about cinnamon and then it lists recipes with cinnamon. The pictures look super late 60’s or early 70’s and they are kind of shaky but there cool and they make me laugh.

But back to bread..the best thing in that book…the recipes for bread.

If you have never had fresh bread..the thing you need to do is set a weekend day aside and bake the day away..you will not regret it, after you make your first loaf of bread what really amazes you is that you made it..you made the crust..YOU made crust! AND then you will become even more amazed when you make a sandwich with your own bread.

So take the time and make yourself a loaf of fresh bread..you havnt truly tasted bread until you’ve tasted fresh homemade bread.

4 responses

  1. pawpoint

    sounds delicious! It is great that people like you are still into the home-baking thing. too many people would just go down and buy something from the store. pass me a slice?

    December 16, 2010 at 8:07 pm

  2. That bread looks delicious!

    December 31, 2010 at 6:56 pm

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