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Best Marx Brothers movie

I love and adore the Marx Brothers…I have since I was little and I first saw Duck Soup. I never knew which movie was my favorite…Duck Soup? no..A night at the Opera? hmm maybe yeah..and it was for a few years but now it’s changed! My favorite Marx Brothers movie is Monkey Business. This movie is hilarious!! now that isn’t surprising news since it is a Marx Bros movie but this is the best one its funnier than all the other ones. Harpo is just a little jerk in this movie it’s so funny to watch! he has soo much character and personality..much more in this movie than in all the other movies Groucho is pretty much the same but the jokes seem fresher and full of spunk. I really couldn’t get over Harpo in this movie, I watched it last night with my dad and I was laughing so hard, he’s such a little punk. Chico is also pretty much the same, but even Zeppo was hilarious in this movie which was a nice change because were so used to seeing him as the serious brother without a joke to his name. This movie is so great to watch, its early in their movie career, the brothers seem to be having so much fun with each other its great to see. My favorite part of this movie is definitely when they are all in the barn at the end of the movie..when Harpo and Chico are playing “the only game in the stable” and then when Groucho runs up to a cow and says ” You’re a mother you understand”.

The brothers put so much energy in to their performances in this movie its beyond fun to watch.

I hope you all have an awesome week!! and an amazing monday! 🙂

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