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Camelot Book Store

Camelot Book Store… The best used book store ever!! hands down no exceptions. I have been going to this store for close to a year now and every book that ive purchased there has become my favorite…I bought my first first edition book there! Swiss Allmends and a walk to see them by Foster Barham Zincke..published in 1874 making it the oldest book I own and the most beautiful..mhm 🙂

Just look at it

The last time I had the pleasure of visiting Camelot Book store was about a week before Christmas, I was in the Classic literature section which houses the best books! Peter Pan, Robin Hood, The wonderful Wizard of Oz and even Treasure Island..I found this beautiful copy of Treasure of Island that day

The red capped man on the cover is beyond awesome

I didn’t buy it though..a few minutes after finding it a couple walked in..they were Christmas Shopping for their kids who love the classics just as much as I do..and since I already own an awesome older copy of Treasure Island, I gave it to them. I even got to help them pick out a few other books which was a lot of fun since it felt like I was working there. After I walked on over to some Robert Louis Stevenson books.

Just look at em

I have become a lot more adventurous at the book store over the past few months. I use to stay in my one corner which had books on Anthropology, Ships and Shipwrecks (also pirates 🙂 ) and Murder (that’s actually where I picked up my giant book on Jack The Ripper) but I am now proud to say I visit the poetry section, mythology, children’s books (you can find the most beautiful fairytale books there)

See..isnt it gorgeous

 and classic literature. I even discovered a poet that I am quite fond of now..Margaret Fishback..I bought her book “One to a customer” which is full of hilarious poems.

It even came in a cute little striped box..only 6$!

Camelot Book Store is the only store I buy books from now, I use to love Barnes and Noble but now whenever I go I can’t push my self to buy one of their books…they are soo expensive! At Camelot I can buy around 5 books every time I visit since they are only around 5 dollars each.

I love all my books, but the ones I have purchased from Camelot I do love most..older books are just so much more beautiful ( the binding) and its fun to sometimes see the notes scribbled on the page inside saying Happy Birthday or This reminded me of you. Its fun to know someone else visited Treasure Island the same way you did..through that one book.

Portals to other worlds

“Of all things which man can do or make here below, by far the most momentous, wonderful, and worthy are the things we call books”

Thomas Carlyle

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  1. pawpoint

    that shop sounds myestrious and exciting and cool and awesome. Wish I coud go there….. maybe we could swap, u culd live in NZ and I will come and live where u r and go to that awesome shop.

    January 10, 2011 at 4:38 am

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