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Song of the week : The Decemberists

This weeks song of the week is a song I just heard today on KROQ*. I was pleasantly surprised with this song, at first when it came on I thought it was annoying and it made me want to get up to change the radio station but im glad I gave it a chance because this song is pretty awesome! If at first you don’t like the song…please give it a chance, its awesome and the longer you listen to it the better it gets…so give it a chance. I had heard of this band before but never listened to any of their stuff so im glad KROQ played them. This band is indie folk rock  and pure awesomeness… the lead singer plays the bouzouki!

Look how awesome it is!!

 So here it is…the song of the week! This is why we fight by the Decemberists

If you adore indie folk rock music like Mumford and Sons or The Cave Singers…you will love this band..give them a chance, listen to the song and fall in love. 🙂

I hope you all had an awesome Monday! and keep having an awesome week!!!


*KROQ is a local radio station that’s starting to suck but by playing the Decemberists its postponing its fate of completely sucking. 🙂

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