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Song of the week : Temple of The Dog

Finally on time for song of the week and it feels good 🙂 this weeks song of the week has a reason and a story..the reason I chose this certain song is because for my music appreciation presentation at the end of the year I will be talking about Eddie Vedder! I adore Eddie Vedder’s deep low baritone voice and his grungy look. The story behind this weeks song of the week is…

Last year every night at around 10, 98.7 would play a recording of a live song..and it was awesome I loved it. I could never figure out what song it was though and I always thought it was Pearl Jam because I heard Eddie Vedder but  I couldn’t find it so finally I just looked up the lyrics (because by this time I had memorized the entire song..this also happened with me and sometime around midnight by the airborne toxic event) anyways I found out it was Hunger Strike by Temple of The Dog! And I basically became obsessed with the song. So this weeks song of the week is “Hunger Strike” by Temple of The Dog..if that somehow wasnt already clear 🙂 .

Look at these two crazy geniuses

I honestly believe I love this song so much because of the way I was introduced to it, it was a mystery to me…I knew all the lyrics but I didn’t know who it was by and it sounded insanely familiar so I couldn’t help but want more. I love how in this song there are two very talented vocalists singing..Chris Cornell and Eddie Vedder, they sound very similar but there is enough of a difference that it gives the song a weird sort of depth if that makes any sense at all haha :).  The simplicity of the video is pretty awesome as well..I love how all the guys have crazy long hair it fits beautifully with the whole grunge feel.

I hope you all have an awesome monday and amazing week!! 🙂

Oh and sorry no video, but you can watch it on youtube..it just wouldn’t work on my blog 🙂

2 responses

  1. Sounds like a cool song.
    I’ll be sure to check it out

    March 4, 2011 at 12:36 am

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