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Song of the week, catch up, whats to come.

Oh man I feel lost and confused. Logging in to this page and seeing I havent been on since February 5th?!? Thats just crazy. I have a lot to blog thank goodness spring break is in two weeks! I have a new recipe for chocolate peanut butter granola, I have a post about a resteraunt I tried that was featured in a magazine and I actually met the “lobster Nazi”…like the soup Nazi from “Seinfeld”. It was insane and I cant wait to write about it. I also have become obsessed with “Pride and Prejudice” the movie (2005) and Mr. Darcy! My oh my hes my new obsession. So I will leave all that to the next posts and move on to my song of the week. It is “Angeline the Baker” a folk song and I chose Mumford and Sons cover because its awesome to say the least and always stuck in my head. wunCLHhxKdc. Listen, fall in love and like me for showing you :). I will blog soon and talk about the lobster nazi. Lately my food obsessions have been sushi, greek yogurt, and crepes so a few pictures of crepes and sushi will probably show up :P. Thanks for reading and just hold on a little the best is yet to come!!!

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