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Porto’s : Bakery & Cafe

Today was simply lovely. Spring break so far has consisted of me laying around only getting up to cook and workout and I’ve loved it but I am going to start being more constructive with my time like I was today. A hike that was 3.6 miles in a light drizzle up and down hills to a waterfall and back with the last 1/2 mile up hill = :o. After making it to the car, wet with rain and sweat, my friend Jen said it was time for lunch at this Cuban bakery. I was intrigued, after a little drive we made it and I was in love!! It was basically two stores combined so it was huge and there were so many baked goods I felt like a little kid in awe standing at a candy counter. To start my meal I got a guava pastry and a Cuban sandwich with plantain chips, it was all amazing!!! And the prices were just as amazing! The sandwich was 4.65 and the pastry was .75 cents! after I had to finished eating we went back to buy some things to take home, 3 chocolate pastries, 2
eclairs, 1 macaroon, 1 red velvet cupcake, 2 coconut pastries and more plantain chips and that was all only $14!!!!! I was in shock the entire time of the prices and quality! There are three locations in California, Glendale, Burbank and Downey. It is a bit of a drive for me to get to one again but my gosh is it worth it!!! I cannot get over how good this place was. Here is a link to their website: http://portosbakery.com/, if you are ever in CA or live in CA try this place you will love it!! there is something for everyone! 🙂


coconut strudel = amazing!

Cuban sandwich = I could eat it forever

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