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Soup Nazi, no meet the lobster Nazi!

A while back I was staying at my Aunt’s house spending a few weeks with my cousin while my Aunt and Uncle were out-of-town. My other Aunt came down to visit for a while one day, we were just kicking back playing with my younger cousins and my Aunt was reading a magazine. The magazine had some list about the top 50 meals in California, and one of the meals was a plate of lobster that looked amazing! My Aunt got pretty excited when she saw that the restaurant was close to us and asked if I would like to try it some time and of course I said yes! About a month and a half later (I was home by this time haha) I got a text message early in the day from my Aunt asking if I would like to go and get the lobster for lunch and my gosh was I excited! About an hour later we were driving to the restaurant, trying to find our way and when we finally arrived we couldn’t believe the magazine found this place! It’s totally hidden and you would not expect to find such great food inside.

It just doesnt scream "Amazing seafood inside" and it was hidden behind other buildings

 We walked in to the restaurant and you know when you walk in to some place new and you just feel out-of-place and awkward and you just want to turn around and walk out? Yeah that’s how I felt when I walked in but I wanted the lobster so I put up with feeling totally out-of-place and sat a table. The man who helped us was I believe the main guy in charge and he was also the man I named “The lobster Nazi” because he was. This man did not try to be nice to you and he didn’t care if you were comfortable so obviously he knows how good the lobster is. First off, the menu had no prices! so, ya know, first warning that this isn’t the cheapest place, second you go in knowing what you want because the lobster Nazi doesn’t help you order. And thirdly, the most important lesson of all that was learned here! NO ROLLS! okay? no rolls! My aunt tried ordering spring rolls or egg rolls any type of rolls and the lobster Nazi barked back with “NO ROLLS!” “NO ROLLS!” none of any kind. So just forget the rolls because they aren’t here, you aren’t getting them just like George didn’t get his free bread nor the soup he paid for. After the painful act of ordering (yes it was painful and also still awkward) we got our drinks and rice and a few minutes later the lobster!! Oh my the lobster, the lobster made all the awkwardness and confusion worth it! It looked beautiful, it smelled delicious and we could finally try the lobster we had been waiting for!

Doesnt it just look good? Oh by the way, yes I know the pictures, why so small and of random angles? because once again the lobster Nazi, my gosh man the lobster Nazi! I had a feeling if he knew I was taking pictures to blog about the food he would snatch the plate and phone away and yell “NO LOBSTER FOR YOU” because he was the soup nazi of lobster. He was. We ordered a small plate of lobster and it was huge, big enough to easily feed a full family of four and it was me, my aunt and my little cousin. We looked at the plate and in my head I was thinking “Eat this whole plate of lobster? challenge accepted!” and guess what, we ate the whole plate of lobster! Only being interrupted a few times by the waiters who would come by completely randomly and clear your plate and give you a new one so that you almost felt like an inconvenience.

I even ate the little tiny bit of meat that was in the head face skull thing and from what my aunt has told me, I even ate the lobsters babys…ew…I know! But I didn’t know! they were these little red things and I was like okay try everything and it was good until I found out they were the baby eggs and then I couldn’t eat anymore. After we finished the food I then had a panic attack because there was a sign that said cash only (OH!! and a sign that said “We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone” which by the way the soup nazi also had) but the panic attack was killed when the lobster nazi said they took credit card.

The meal was finished with a plate of oranges, random right? Thats what I was thinking but then my Aunt told me they serve the oranges to settle your stomach and guess what? after eating probably a pound of lobster and noodles and finishing it with orange slices my stomach didn’t ache from the pain of being too full. So it works. The lobster nazi is scary but the food makes up for it! SO amazing!! I would definitely go again if I saved up the money.

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