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Swallows in the yard

Every year a group of Swallows returns to our home and creates nests under our roof. The only downside of this is the fact that their..how should I word this…their residue gets all over the mail box and sometimes falls on the chairs in the front yard. Other than that, the Swallows are a complete joy to have and they are the sign that Summer has once again started. Everyone gets excited at their return except for my cat Hunter, the swallows don’t like Hunter because he always torments them and is basically a little brat.

On warm summer evenings when the window is open to let in the breeze we can hear them in the front, talking to each other and feeding their little babies. It’s amazing to hear them “talk” and see them fly, their little forked tails. They are just the cutest birds and the most¬† beautiful in Southern California. The babies are now grown and recently learned how to fly but a while back I took some pictures of them and that is the point of this post, I wanted to share them since the birds are such beautiful creatures. I had to take the pictures from inside because when I went outside the birds got a little scared to some of them are outside but most are from inside.

I hope you all enjoy the pictures! thank you for reading an have an awesome rest of your weekend!!! ūüôā


My dog has a dream

I have two dogs, Daisy..a boxer and Tootsie a shih-tzu. Tootsie’s the oddest dog we’ve had so far, we got her after our other shih-tzu, whose name was Moses passed away..anyways when we got her she was this crazy little ball of fur who immediately became best friends with Daisy.

one loves the sun the other adores the shade

The two were inseparable! And this remained true for about a year and a half and then everything changed…Tootsie was introduced to Drama (my little kitten) and they became buddies too. Toot’s soon realized she had a dream…to one day become a cat. This is what makes Tootsie very odd, she climbs the couch and lies on the top like our cats Hunter and Drama, she tries to eat their food (constantly) and finally whenever im in the backyard watering the plants and playing with my pups Tootsie runs up to our tree and waits for me to place her in the tree. I believe she wants in the tree because at night Drama hides in the tree and sometimes Toot’s see’s her.

Tootsie will never give up on her dream to become a cat, I cant help but love her for it.

I hope you all have an awesome monday and an amazing week!! ūüôā

Oh Christmas tree…(:

Finally I have a chance to write about my tree…here¬†I go.

We get our tree every year from Home Depot, before we make the purchase…we eat out at a mexican food restaurant called Mario’s..its absolutley delicious!!!

I name my christmas trees every year, last years was Watson and this years is Lord Byron! after the poet..the name seemed so fitting..i did have it picked out before we even got our tree but my goodness does it fit this tree is amazing…hands down the best tree we have ever gotten.

Now before lord Byron looked like this it was absolutely naked haha

and of course..Hunter..our cat who is ruler of the house hold had to do his rounds and make sure this tree was fit for our viewing of this holiday season

¬†He was only scared away when our little pup Tootsie came wandering out to see what he was up to. Most of the ornaments on the tree this year were hand painted by me and my mother…these are my favorite ornaments

The last picture is of my favorite ornament, its Tony Curtis and Jack Lemmon in drag for Some Like It Hot (:

I hope everyone who celebrates Christmas and got a tree is as happy with theirs as we are with ours!

French Loaves with a twist top

Yesterday I went¬† shopping with my friend, as I was getting ready I grabbed my boots and threw one of them on the bed while I put the other on and a giant spider crawled out of my boot and onto my bed!!!! As I started to scream it ran under my sheets and I couldn’t find it so I called my dad and asked him to bring home one of those bug bomb things. When I arrived home I decided I would spend the day making bread since I was much to terrified to go in my room. Before I started I ran in my room grabbed my thermometer, my american cooking cookbook and my camera..I then (with the help of my dad) covered my computer and radio and printer with towels and set off the bug fogger. With that whole spider scare behind me I headed out to my kitchen and started making bread..now I havent made bread in a few months so I was terribly excited. I looked through my cookery book and chose French Loaves with a twist top, bread that is amazing toasted with honey.

So I started making the bread and of course I put on some music (you must have music on when you bake and cook). Now when you cook the music has to be (of course this is just my opinion) Big Band music…but when you bake…thats when you turn on some rock music..any type..Yesterday I turned to an awesome band called “Flogging Molly”. It is SO much fun to bake when Flogging Molly is on..I really cant explain why..just go and bake with Flogging Molly on and you’ll get it. Anyways I get the butter melted and the milk warmed and then combined and I pour it over the yeast and then mix till its dissolved. I then go out to the freezer in the garage and get my giant bag of flour and add in the 2 cups..then mix…then 2 cups..then mix..then again 2 cups, when it’s all combined I add in the salt last..just because im paranoid the salt will still kill the yeast so I always add it last. I the set the dough on a cutting board..wash the bowl, spray it with cooking spray..place the dough in the bowl and put a towel over the top and let rise for an hour (I always let mine rise in the microwave). No Reservations…here I come (:

After waiting close to an hour¬†I check on my dough again…

Its ready!! I wash my hands, lightly flour my cutting board and turn the dough out on to it. I knead the dough until it’s absolutely perfect..meaning its smooth and there are no lumps and its soft and perfect. Then I cut off the 1 cup of dough (for the twist top) and then cut the dough in to equal halves. I then take one piece of dough and form in to an oblong loaf and then set it on the pan I already greased..I then do the same with the other half of the dough. Then this is the part that was most difficult for me the first time I made this bread…the twist top..(this gets easier after you’ve made pretzels a few times) anyways you take the extra dough and divide it in half..then you take one half and roll it out as long as you can get it..I then like to pick it up and stretch it out (softly) with my hands until it is double the size of the oblong loaves. Now you get to twist it YAY! haha, I put my pointer finger in the middle, then sharply twist it..then just keep twisting it till your done and place it one the bread

Now you set the bread aside and let it rise until doubled in size (about 30 to 50 minutes)..after waiting you beat one egg and brush the bread with it..then you slide the bread in the oven at 350 degrees and bake (the book says 20 but mine takes 30) for 20-30 minutes and then you get this.

Allow the bread to cool for at least 20 minutes (if you cut it too soon the bread will dry out) and then enjoy! This bread is beautiful!! it’s a pretty sweet bread so it doesn’t go well with soups but its amazing with breakfast or as a snack.

Oh and back to the spider..later when it was safe to go  back in my room and I was pulling the sheets off my bed to wash em I found the spider..dead..under my covers so its all good haha (:

Have an amazing weekend!!!

Oh and Daisy..my lovely dog, of course joined me in the kitchen while I made this bread :).

Song of the week!! (:

Every night I walk my dogs but last night was different, I walked my dogs twice..I usually never do this but right when I was about to go to bed I saw outside my window how super foggy it had gotten and¬†I¬†just had to walk around in it. I got dressed, put the leashes on the dogs (who were pretty confused) and we walked outside for our adventure time. I love fog..especially when it is super thick just as it was last night (it was amazing I felt like I was walking in water). I love adventure, im absolutely obsessed with the Lord of the Rings because they get to go on an “epic” adventure and when I watch the movie it makes me feel like I got to go. Last night was my adventure…it may seem silly that just a little fog in my neighborhood is my adventure but what made the walk an adventure was¬†I¬†was seeing my neighborhood in a different way…which is probably the easiest way to have an adventure. I could barely see in front of me (it was as thick as that fog in that¬†Scooby doo episode where he cuts a slice and eats it haha)..but it was beautiful to see the christmas lights peek out through the fog..as well as the street lights peeking out through the trees creating long rays of light. The song that was stuck in my head while walking was this exact one…The banjolin song by Mumford and sons..its absolutley beautiful! The melody is so much fun and makes me want to go on that walk again, the lyrics are amazing (like always with this band) after listening to this song you will want to replay it over and over..

I hope everyone has an awesome week!!

(This picture is of my cat Hunter..he walks me and my dogs home every night after our walk haha even last night at the second walk in the fog he came and walked us home)

The Banjolin Song By : Mumford and Sons…Lyrics By: Mumford and Sons

the pups (Tootsie trying to get Daisy to play)

My dog Tootsie (the shih-tzu) always¬†tries¬†to get my dog Daisy (the boxer) to play with her..some times it works and they play and other times is doesnt..here are some pictures of¬†Tootsie’s attempt. (<that sounds like a movie title haha “Tootsies attempt”)

Tootsie (who looks like an ewok from Star Wars) gave up eventually and played on her baby blanket (: as you can see.. she steals slippers


Pics of my pups

On monday morning I decided to take pictures of my dogs Daisy and Tootsie in my backyard with flowers my mom got from my Grandparents. It was such a beautiful day..it was the day that made me decide to make this weeks song Lisztomania by Phoenix….the dogs were so hyper it was hard to take good pictures but I managed to get a few.¬†I think my favorite one is of daisy smelling the flowers because you can see how clear and gorgeous the sky was that day.

End of weekend

Well, the weekend is over and I must say it was amazing! Saturday I managed to watch all of the Indiana Jones movies while working on science labs and Around the world in 80 days (it was finally on TCM¬†again).¬†Today I headed to Disneyland with my three friends who are the funnest people to attend Disneyland with, I learned how to draw Dopey in the Animation Academy and it was pretty good if¬†I¬†do say so myself ;). I thought I would end this weekend with a picture of my boxer that I took about a year ago, it has to be one of the best pictures of her I have ever taken. I hope everyone’s monday is pure awesomeness ūüôā

Drama Izzy Iero ‚ô•

Oh Drama, my loony kitten whose very start of life is a complete mystery to me.

What is there to say about Drama?

Well, she’s a crazy, she’s an evil creature, her brain must be similar to the messed up one the monster in Frankenstein gets instead of the normal one. She might be so odd because her¬†first 3 weeks of life were spent in a car, at least I think they were. See, I found Drama down the street from my house in a car parked in the driveway of an abandoned house, I was with my friend when we were coming home from the park and we heard meowing, we had heard it on the way there, but we simply ignored it. Anyways some neighbors came out and told us they had been hearing it all day, we looked under the car and there “It” (I say that in a loving way of course she’s my baby) was. Now this is no normal cat, one time about 7 months ago there was a bird in our backyard and when it would “chirp” or whatever it is called it sounded like a creaky¬†gate in the middle of a storm, it was terrible! this bird tormented me for weeks…..then one day Drama caught the bird like she knew it was bothering me. What made it really weird was that she only hunts mice, she never hunts birds and catches them. Anyways after hours of trying and now 8 neighbors helping it was clear Drama wasnt coming out. My mother called me saying to walk home and wait three hours, now my mom was thinking that the cat would of course be gone by then but me and my friend were thinking that cat is ours. Three hours later at 11:30 we walked back down the street, and we heard Drama. Somehow we managed to scare her out of the car and then we had to chase her for 20 minutes with the hunt ending in prickly bushes, luckily my friend was willing to reach in and pull her out. Finally we were walking home with out new little crazy kitten who was fighting with all her strength to get away. Drama has gotten nicer and a lot less skittish but she still seems so crazy like she’s an evil master mind, especially when you are watching tv and she is laying on the couch and you look over at her and she’s staring at you with the most evil look. My favorite memory of Drama is when she was kitten she lived on my bed in this cage that I made with old wire I used so my rabbit could go outside, anyways as she got older she would climb the cage and escape which was hilarious to watch so I finally had to pin a blanket on top….it was the cutest thing to watch her try to escape. I love my cat Drama who is no longer a kitten even though I still call her one, I love her like a kid probably because I bottle fed her (she also use to bite and rip the top of the bottles so we had to buy one after another) but she seems so evil at times its crazy to watch.¬†The pic of her in the towel is right after her first bath when she was just a baby¬†ūüôā and the other pic is the most recent.

Daisy….my pup

Daisy and her potatoI have two dogs Daisy May (a boxer)¬†and Tootsie Elizabeth (a shih tzu)¬†(her name is ridiculously proper) my favorite dog is Daisy. Now don’t get me wrong Tootsie is hilarious I love her too, she’s just too crazy for me. Daisy is the type of dog that wants you to like her, so she listens when you tell her to do something unlike Tootsie who just walks away. I like to think there is no other dog like Daisy but I know there are probably a lot like her, she loves sun bathing (even last week when it was 110 she tried to sun bathe but we brought her inside) baths (as long as the water is warm) and sleeping on pillows for hours. She has this toy¬†dog that says “happy new year amigos” from Taco¬†Bell from a billion years ago that we gave her and when she bites it in a certain spot it says “happy new year amigos” so she will go around the house for about an hour just making the stuffed dog say it, she becomes obsessed with it….its the cutest, funniest thing. She also loves raw potatoes, sometimes they will fall out of the bag when I grab a few for cooking and she just picks it up and starts eating it, its soo funny to see. One time she grabbed a big bag of chocolate and ran to the backyard with it and ate the entire thing and was totally fine. Another time she ate a bee or a wasp and it stung her face and her face blew up and got puffy, it looked like she got socked or something it was scary to see but also funny because she eats everything and that’s what happens when your dog isn’t picky. When we first got Daisy, she would always run outside so we would get this red broom we use to have to scare her back in (we didn’t hit her with it, it was just to scare her in) and to this day (7 years later) she is still scared of red brooms. Daisy is also an emotional eater, everyday when my dad comes home from work she gets super happy and excited and runs to her food bowl to eat (it is the just beyond funny). One time right after I had gotten my cat Drama, who at the time was a kitten, I asked Daisy “Wheres Drama??? Wheres Drama??” and she led me right to Drama who was hiding under my parents bed. We got Daisy a few weeks before christmas so it was cold out, at the time¬†we had one of those heaters that’s metal that you plug-in and basically no one should have¬†one because if you bump in to it you will burn, anyways Daisy loves being warm and whenever the heater was off she would bark at it (it was the cutest thing in the world). Also when she was a pup her legs were so long she couldn’t figure out how to reach her dog food bowl so she would just stare down at it.¬† The picture is of her eating a potato, I took it last month.

“You think dogs will not be in heaven? I tell you, they will be there long before any of us.”

– Robert Louis Stevenson