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Song of the week, catch up, whats to come.

Oh man I feel lost and confused. Logging in to this page and seeing I havent been on since February 5th?!? Thats just crazy. I have a lot to blog thank goodness spring break is in two weeks! I have a new recipe for chocolate peanut butter granola, I have a post about a resteraunt I tried that was featured in a magazine and I actually met the “lobster Nazi”…like the soup Nazi from “Seinfeld”. It was insane and I cant wait to write about it. I also have become obsessed with “Pride and Prejudice” the movie (2005) and Mr. Darcy! My oh my hes my new obsession. So I will leave all that to the next posts and move on to my song of the week. It is “Angeline the Baker” a folk song and I chose Mumford and Sons cover because its awesome to say the least and always stuck in my head. wunCLHhxKdc. Listen, fall in love and like me for showing you :). I will blog soon and talk about the lobster nazi. Lately my food obsessions have been sushi, greek yogurt, and crepes so a few pictures of crepes and sushi will probably show up :P. Thanks for reading and just hold on a little the best is yet to come!!!


Song of the week : Great Big Sea

Last night I walked my dogs, like I do every evening. It was marvelous weather! the day before it had been warm, bright and sunny but last night it was foggy, cold and looked as if it were going to rain…my favorite weather! While walking the pups I was thinking about which song I would choose for the week and I decided to pick a song by “Great Big Sea”.

I found this band after seeing “Robin Hood” for the first time (the new one). After seeing the movie I came home and looked up the actors that starred in the movie, something I do all the time. I found out that Alan A’Dayle was played by Alan Doyle, the lead singer in a group called “Great Big Sea” and a friend of Russell Crowe. I decided to check out the band since they were folk rock..and I loved them!

Alan Doyle in "Robin Hood"

The band covers traditional Newfoundland folk songs and also writes their own music.

I chose the song titled ‘Recruiting Sergeant”  because it fit last nights weather beautifully and I wanted the song I chose to do so. This song is amazing! it’s so lively it makes me want to buy a boat, go to the beach and go sail somewhere :). The lyrics are also very meaningful which is awesome, the song is about WWI. The instruments used in this band are awesome! The accordion, drums, bass, the bouzouki, banjo and the mandolin! it’s a list of awesomeness! So here it is..the song of the week.

I hope you all end up loving this band as much as I do.

Have an amazing rest of the week!! 🙂