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Swallows in the yard

Every year a group of Swallows returns to our home and creates nests under our roof. The only downside of this is the fact that their..how should I word this…their residue gets all over the mail box and sometimes falls on the chairs in the front yard. Other than that, the Swallows are a complete joy to have and they are the sign that Summer has once again started. Everyone gets excited at their return except for my cat Hunter, the swallows don’t like Hunter because he always torments them and is basically a little brat.

On warm summer evenings when the window is open to let in the breeze we can hear them in the front, talking to each other and feeding their little babies. It’s amazing to hear them “talk” and see them fly, their little forked tails. They are just the cutest birds and the most  beautiful in Southern California. The babies are now grown and recently learned how to fly but a while back I took some pictures of them and that is the point of this post, I wanted to share them since the birds are such beautiful creatures. I had to take the pictures from inside because when I went outside the birds got a little scared to some of them are outside but most are from inside.

I hope you all enjoy the pictures! thank you for reading an have an awesome rest of your weekend!!! 🙂


Song of the week and a random picture

I literally just took this picture!

I was taking a break from taking notes for music class and I look out my window and there is a bird looking right at me on the tree in our backyard. I did take the picture from inside my room because its freezing outside (and by freezing I mean 57, that’s what happens when you live in CA all your life..57 becomes freezing cold) Anyways…Now the song of the week!!

I feel like I just wrote last weeks because I did just write it on Thursday or something crazy close to that. This weeks song of the week was my obsession last year..I would play it and play it loud..I would blare this song!! This weeks song is No Rain by Blind Melon…oh yes..

This song reminds me of many memory’s of me and my best friend Katlyn trying to preserve our childhood for as long as we possibly could..even if that ment spending summer afternoons blowing bubbles in the front yard (sometimes while listening to the Dropkick Murphys), jumping on a trampoline, learning how to dive in to a pool and even watching Winnie the Pooh. I hope you all love this song as much as I do!

Have an awesome week!! 🙂

(oh and sorry you have to watch the video on YouTube its a buzzkill I know)