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Keeping up with summer promises..

i was lucky enough to see the sky like this one night

At the beginning of Summer I was very optimistic that I would be able to keep up with my Summer to-do list. At the beginning it was quite easy, I do online school so I got out 2 weeks earlier than my friends. I had tons of free time on my hands and I used it. However,¬†when public school was let out, I found myself falling behind. I was gone for days at a time at my best friends house forgetting about the bulbs I planted in the backyard, and the recipes I wanted to try and the lord of the rings..the HUGE book I wanted to complete this Summer. When I finally remembered the promises I made to myself at the beginning of Summer I snapped out of just going with the flow and started fighting the current to get things completed. So far, I am 130 pages into the second book of The Lord of the Rings, I have about 230 pages left.. then the last book “The Return of the King” and then I am done! I feel very confident in saying this will happen! In the recipes department, I am doing just okay, I wanted to make a pie that seemed difficult to do, try two new cookie recipes that I thought up and make a cake that I saw on T.V., so far I have only made one of the cookies…I know..dissapointing BUT I have also created a new pasta dish which I posted just the other day and I have also baked two different kinds of bread. I will get the baking done. I will.

the summer pasta creation

In the gardening department…some things are flourishing while others are browning and dying. Only two bulbs have made it. But im still pretty proud of myself, my first time with bulbs and I managed to keep two alive out of five….yes, if it was a test I would have failed but it’s not so I rocked it.

Last summer was a summer full of new adventures. I tried sushi for the first time, I learned how to dive (at the age of 16, its sad I know), I got over my fear of wearing sandals in public (another sad statement haha), I got over wearing cardigans and vests with every outfit and finally found a way to be comfortable enough with myself so that I would no longer have to cover up everyday.

huntington beach ūüôā

I was hoping this Summer I would somehow¬†continue to grow..and I did. I now go to the beach every Thursday with my family and have an amazing time, last year I wouldn’t¬†have been caught dead at the beach. I recently got in to working out and this Summer I tried tennis, which was a lot of fun! I have become more open to ideas and more open to change. I have never liked Summer time, winter is my favorite time of year. But it seems that I grow the most in Summer, during Summer I have more time and more chances to be pushed to do new things, more time to really think about nothing important and realize that the things that I once thought were a huge deal are now nothing at all. If it weren’t¬†for the last two Summers I would still be stuck as a shy, awkward,¬† weird¬†and unproud of it teenager. Today I am well aware of the fact that I am nothing like other teenagers and what is considered “normal” and I am so proud of that fact. I’m glad im weird and geeky and have¬†weird friends because we’re awesome ūüôā .

Me and my fellow bestest weirdo..i am sporting a fish hat and she is playing with a eta-5 interceptor


When life gets tough..

When life gets tough and you feel you can’t go any further its important to remember this quote..”When you reach the end of your rope, tie a knot in it and hang on” – Thomas Jefferson.

So today after being unable to give a presentation to a class that I spent all morning preparing for, then my computer being a pain, then learning (the hard way)¬†that even best friends can be deceiving and dealing with so much drama it made me want to crawl in to a hole….I finally decided that it was time to tie the knot in my rope and just hang on.

I came home from my best friends grandmothers house and¬†took the pups for a long walk to try to clear my head. I then¬†came home and got in comfy pajama bottoms, threw on an oversized t-shirt and pulled on fluffy colorful socks. After taking a few deep breaths..I decided that hard days deserve a piece of dark chocolate so I wandered in to the kitchen for a late night snack of milk and a square or two of chocolate and then landed on the couch.¬†I¬†also decided that¬†after you’ve tied your knot¬†in your¬†rope..its important to¬†remember the carefree days of childhood…so I did what any¬†person that was born in the 90’s would do…I turned on Little Bear. ¬†At this moment im watching little bear and not thinking about a worry or even the real world…as far as im concerned it doesn’t exist until tomorrow morning. Sometimes we all need to just let go of the reigns and take a break…its a necessity.

Some rules for letting go:

  1. Fluffy socks…you need fluffy socks to really let go and relax.
  2. Some sort of treat..a bit of chocolate maybe?
  3. Sweat pants or pajama bottoms…your now hanging on for the ride..you dont need jeans.
  4. A movie or show to transport you back to your childhood.
  5. And finally..the most important rule!! You can’t let go forever..this is life and sometimes it gets sucky..take a break but not¬†¬†forever…eventually re-enter reality..slowly if needed and if you start to get too stressed listen to Enya ūüôā

Song of the week and a random picture

I literally just took this picture!

I was taking a break from taking notes for music class and I look out my window and there is a bird looking right at me on the tree in our backyard. I did take the picture from¬†inside my room¬†because its freezing outside (and by freezing I mean 57, that’s what happens when you live in CA all your life..57 becomes freezing cold) Anyways…Now the song of the week!!

I feel like¬†I just wrote last weeks because¬†I did just write it on Thursday or something crazy close to that. This weeks song of the week was my obsession last year..I would play it and play it loud..I would blare this song!! This weeks song is No Rain by Blind Melon…oh yes..

This song¬†reminds me of¬†many memory’s of me and my best friend Katlyn trying to preserve our childhood for as long as we possibly could..even if that ment spending summer afternoons blowing bubbles in the front yard (sometimes while listening to the Dropkick Murphys), jumping on a trampoline, learning how to dive in to a pool and even watching Winnie the Pooh. I hope you all love this song as much as I do!

Have an awesome week!! ūüôā

(oh and sorry you have to watch the video on YouTube its a buzzkill I know)