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song of the week : Cold War Kids

I have two favorite bands, Mumford and Sons and The Cold War Kids. I can’t pick a favorite, sometimes I listen to CWK more than Mumford and Sons and sometimes I cant quit Mumford and Sons. Right now im having a Cold War Kids moment, I am in love with the lead singers voice, its bluesy, folksy and just different and unique! I love it. Some people think he sounds like a woman which I think is absolutely ridiculous, he just sounds like a man with the one of the most uncommon voices, once you know what he sounds like you know his work. This song is folksy and has a beat that sticks with you. This weeks song of the week is Saint John by The Cold War Kids (im sure you already guess the artist though 😛 )



Nathan Willett 🙂


Song of the week

I havent been on my computer because I was busy all weekend and then my computer got a virus but everything’s all better now (thanks dad 🙂 ). I love this weeks song..its by my favorite band and its perfect for this week because it’s really windy outside. This weeks song of the week is Santa Ana winds by The Cold War Kids.

This song is so awesome!! This is a song I never get sick of….. it makes me want to walk my dogs by the beach with an iced tea in hand. I hope you all keep having a great week!!

Changing favorite bands…(song of the week)

This is a big deal…changing favorite bands I mean especially if music is as important as air, water and food to you. Aerosmith was my favorite band for seven years, I started questioning whether they were still my favorite band or not after the band started having public fights and Steven Tyler started acting like a drama queen. One reason I was able to love Aerosmith for seven years and not question it was because they were like a family and I saw no end in sight…I loved the fact that they were basically a piece of the past, one of the few bands who was able to keep it together while other bands were falling to pieces (and the fact that they could incorporate blues in to their hard rock sound wasnt too bad either). Now its different, the band is fighting and it seems like they don’t even know the future of Aerosmith so its time for me to move on to a different band, I still love Joe, Joey, Brad and Tom but right now im over Steven Tyler..I feel like he walks away from them whenever he feels like it. The band I have chosen to replace Aerosmith is the “Cold War Kids”. The band is amazing! there songs are pure, catchy, meaningful, and unique. The band formed in 2004 in Long Beach, CA and in my opinion their best music video is the one for the song “Hang me up to dry” its a master piece…but this is not music video of the week this is the song of the week and the song of the week is “Royal Blue” by the Cold War Kids this song will.. I promise you, get stuck in your head and you will love it! you will hum this song while walking down the streets not caring that people are thinking you to be a crazy, while doing house work, home work and anytime some one says the word royal this song will start playing in your head. After listening to “Royal Blue” and falling in love with this purely awesome band listen to “The Wedding” by the Cold War Kids…you will literally dance in your seat. Have a great Holiday Week!! :)(oh the pics are of the band messin around and they are my favorite ones)