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Pictures of my trips to Disneyland (from this past week)

The pictures are in a pretty random order, I don’t have the energy to put them in order right now I just felt like finally sharing them since my camera is full 😉

Basically the pictures are…The castle decorated for christmas time, the christmas time fireworks, main street at christmas time, World of Color, Small World decorated for Christmas, that little room in the sleeping beauty castle, the owl statue near the castle (i think its Archimedes from the sword and the stone but im not positive), a drawing of mickey from a store on Main street where you can go watch the artists draw (duhhh) haha, ohh and the snow after the christmas parade which is really bubbles but you get so caught up in the Disney magic you feel like its snow and finally…a picture of new Orleans square taken from across the rivers of America.


End of weekend

Well, the weekend is over and I must say it was amazing! Saturday I managed to watch all of the Indiana Jones movies while working on science labs and Around the world in 80 days (it was finally on TCM again). Today I headed to Disneyland with my three friends who are the funnest people to attend Disneyland with, I learned how to draw Dopey in the Animation Academy and it was pretty good if I do say so myself ;). I thought I would end this weekend with a picture of my boxer that I took about a year ago, it has to be one of the best pictures of her I have ever taken. I hope everyone’s monday is pure awesomeness 🙂