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Summer is here!

Summer is officially here! I am three days in to my Summer break and am proud to say I have gotten a lot done! The first day I completely cleaned my room, dusted shelves, cleaned the floor, cleaned the fan, cleaned out the closet. The second day (yesterday) I gardened, found a new chair for the beach, changed sheets on the beds and vacuumed. Today is family beach day and before I leave I am baking my peanut butter cookies :).

Now to check in with my bulbs. I did sadly kill one BUT I still have four others which are growing quite happily! Here are some pictures of there progress.

At first I was watering way to much even though I thought I was watering to little…bulbs are tricky the first time! But now before I water them I check the soil to make sure and they seem to be doing very well.

I have a new recipe to post, brownies that taste like almond joys…they are quite delicious! To finish this post I have some pictures from last weeks beach day. These pictures were taken at Huntington Beach, CA and it was freezing that day! but it was also beautiful! ūüôā Thank you for reading my post and I hope you all have a wonderful summer and an amazing weekend!! ūüôā



The summer to-do list

Well summer is finally arriving and this means its time to create my summer to-do list..a list I make every summer. Last year the goal was to read nine books that I had purchased but never read, this of course was not completed (I read one). This summer I have put together a list that will be completed, because its possible it’s not work its fun. Spending the summer reading is fun but trying to read 9 books in¬†two and a half months is¬†just stress.

When I first started thinking of how¬†I wanted to spend my summer,¬†I got a bit nervous. I had no goals, nothing that I had wanted to do¬†during the school year but had no time…but then¬†I looked around my room and saw a copy of “Lord of¬†The Rings”..LOVE the movies but I have never read the books so¬†my list was finally getting started with¬†LOTR¬†:). Then I was on a roll,¬†I remembered that months before I¬†learned of a new cake..a victorian sandwich cake mmm¬†added to the list along with making a pie but¬†im not sure what kind yet. I thought¬†my list was completed¬†but after a visit to my Grandma’s house I found something new to add…planting flower¬†bulbs and recording their growth over summer (if I manage to keep them alive..fingers crossed).

I started my summer to-do list last friday in the backyard with the company of my dogs of course! My mom bought me new soil for the bulbs and got out pots for me to use..I then got to work. It was so much fun to plant the bulbs¬†and cover them up with soil (I felt like I was in the movie “The Secret Garden”). Hopefully I don’t mess up on my first summer to-do. I’ll post pictures IF the bulbs start¬†growing flowers¬†but in the meantime here are some pictures of last friday.

the bulbs...aren't they scary looking??


the soil..which my dog tootsie tried to eat..


now I wait.

I hope you all have an awesome week and amazing weekend ūüôā thanks for reading ūüôā