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what im up to

Goodness have I been busy!

I have had so much school work my head has been spinning, I feel like I have been sitting at the computer working on home work for a year. I have a recipe to post I just need to put a pic of the finished result on my computer first so a new recipe is coming very soon. This week I am working on my least favorite class, music appreciation, and this weekend I am working on three different science labs for…..you guessed it, science class. I am actually quite excited for the science labs I get to make a pendulum for one. The weather went from being windy and cold and amazing to hot, dry, and horrid beyond imagination I hate this weather! I can’t think, sleep or go outside without feeling like my skin is bursting into fire. I find it strange that some people love this weather and I feel as if I have the flu in this weather I have good news though! The weather is supposed to cool down to the 60’s next week….so…all I have to do is make it to then and then once its amazing outside again I shall celebrate by making french bread. Last sunday was Halloween and it was so much fun to see all the little kids dressed up to trick or treat, I handed out candy while wearing my bride of Frankenstein shirt and saw princess’s, a few pirates, an entire family dressed as characters from the wizard of oz and twins that were both Spiderman. I carved pumpkins with my dad, my pumpkin was Dracula while my dads was a regular pumpkin whose pumpkin insides were hanging out of its carved mouth. I finished the night with a game of monopoly with my friend and the movie Van Helsing.

Well, it was nice to catch up but im off to do Pilates.