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Song of the week : The Cars

K, I know I havent been blogging as much and I blame my school for giving me 7 classes when I could barely handle 5 but anyways here is the song of the week and I also plan on posting a recipe Friday.

This weeks song of the week is by an awesome band called The Cars. There are certain songs by 70’s and 80’s bands that just never die, they live on forever on greatest rock songs cd’s, movie sound tracks and newer band covers..a few great examples are “Welcome to the Jungle” “Livin On a Prayer” “Anyway you want it” and finally this weeks song of the week…”Just what I needed”.

This song is AMAZING to say the very least..its no wonder it’s lived on. Everything is perfect, the guitar is gorgeous, the lead singer is obviously gifted with his voice which at first sounds dull but (he still makes it work)  then  turns in to magic. It has a beat that makes you want to sing  aloud for everyone to hear even if when your singing you can’t even stand it. The lead singer is also really awesome..Ric Ocasek..which is a fun name to say.

look at this unique looking old man in all his glory 🙂

 This song has everything you want from a song that’s lived on and that’s not surprising since I picked it ;). Play this song and play it loud..and sing along.

 I hope you all keep having an awesome week!! and I hope you had an awesome Monday :).


Song of the week

I know its late but I have been busy all week. This weeks song is amazing..i adore it..its not new at all its a total oldie. I love this song so much because the lead singers voice is so deep and low and it doesn’t change at all through out the song..i like that its simple…Sorta like Joe Strummer..its not beautiful at all but you get addicted to the simplicity and gritty sound. The beat is addicting as well so after listening to this song it will be trapped in your head for hours……This weeks song is pretty in pink by The Psychedelic Furs!!!!

This band is truly a (very important) piece of the past

(song: Pretty in Pink by: The Psychedelic Furs)