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song of the week : Cold War Kids

I have two favorite bands, Mumford and Sons and The Cold War Kids. I can’t pick a favorite, sometimes I listen to CWK more than Mumford and Sons and sometimes I cant quit Mumford and Sons. Right now im having a Cold War Kids moment, I am in love with the lead singers voice, its bluesy, folksy and just different and unique! I love it. Some people think he sounds like a woman which I think is absolutely ridiculous, he just sounds like a man with the one of the most uncommon voices, once you know what he sounds like you know his work. This song is folksy and has a beat that sticks with you. This weeks song of the week is Saint John by The Cold War Kids (im sure you already guess the artist though 😛 )



Nathan Willett 🙂


Song of the week : Young the Giant

This weeks song of the week was discovered while  deciding if I was going to like a band that I was becoming interested in…that was a confusing sentence 🙂 . Basically Young the Giant is played on the radio, two songs. “Cough Syrup” and “My body”, while listening to cough syrup like a maniac I found this song because I needed a break and let me tell you. This song is my love. I forget every time the energy that is poured in to this song. The song starts out calm and beautiful and just turns in to a crazy punk sounding mess half way towards the end and I always go crazy! I love it so much! This is the song that will pick you up off of the ground, dust you off and set you off on your merry way.

Listen to this song and become inspired to kick some serious butt out there in that world of ours!

Thank you for reading and listening and I hope everyone has an amazing rest of the week and a lovely weekend! God Bless! 🙂

“The riddles of God are more satisfying than the solutions of man.”

-G.K. Chesterton


Pictures of my work and song of the week

I’ve been keeping up with cake decorating class, every Tuesday from 6:30 to 8:30. I’m so tired and stressed at the moment from school…i’m not used to feeling this dead. Anyways here are some pics and also im happy to finally post a song of the week again! 🙂 I really have missed doing this! This weeks song of the week is Blackberry Stone by Laura Marling. I absolutely adore Laura Marling! I do believe she is the cutest little british person ever with the most amazing voice (besides Marcus Mumford, of course!)  the way she sings this song just amazes me time and time again. Her music is so beautifully calming, if Enya was folk music..this is what she would sound like.





Thank you for looking, reading and listening. I know this post was two posts kind of mushed together but I’m at the point where im just happy I got the pictures up and I can’t wait for tomorrow because I know its going to be so much better! God bless you all and I hope you all have an amazing rest of the week and a lovely weekend!

Song of the week : Ice Nine Kills

This weeks song of the week is like nothing ive done yet…usually I do folk, rock, or big band but this week im taking a turn that will last two weeks because I want to promote two bands :). The next two songs of the week will be metalcore..the first song I have chosen is by a band that I have loved for about three years now called Ice Nine Kills.

I chose one of their more mellower songs that I absolutely love! If you do like metalcore  I’ll give a few more recommendations at the end…But anyways back to the song. I love the guitar! it makes me dance in my chair and I cant help but sing along. The lyrics aren’t the happiest but the beat is so unique and its own. I love that this band has screamo songs but then also has a few laid back songs. I’m absolutely in love with the lead singers voice..hes crazy talented! I love how this band dedicates themselves to making awesome real music with lyrics that mean something..always makes time to meet with the fans and just show that they care. Ice Nine Kills is beyond awesome and it’s because they show that their band is their life.

So here it is…the song of the week..

I hope you all fall in love with the band and have an awesome week!!!! 🙂

A few recommendations if you love Ice Nine Kills which you do now 🙂

The Greatest Story Ever Told

What I should Have learned in study hall

Cinder Blocks and Thank you Knots

Lifetime in a Week

and the song that made me fall in love with this band…

Last Words

Song of the week : Great Big Sea

Last night I walked my dogs, like I do every evening. It was marvelous weather! the day before it had been warm, bright and sunny but last night it was foggy, cold and looked as if it were going to rain…my favorite weather! While walking the pups I was thinking about which song I would choose for the week and I decided to pick a song by “Great Big Sea”.

I found this band after seeing “Robin Hood” for the first time (the new one). After seeing the movie I came home and looked up the actors that starred in the movie, something I do all the time. I found out that Alan A’Dayle was played by Alan Doyle, the lead singer in a group called “Great Big Sea” and a friend of Russell Crowe. I decided to check out the band since they were folk rock..and I loved them!

Alan Doyle in "Robin Hood"

The band covers traditional Newfoundland folk songs and also writes their own music.

I chose the song titled ‘Recruiting Sergeant”  because it fit last nights weather beautifully and I wanted the song I chose to do so. This song is amazing! it’s so lively it makes me want to buy a boat, go to the beach and go sail somewhere :). The lyrics are also very meaningful which is awesome, the song is about WWI. The instruments used in this band are awesome! The accordion, drums, bass, the bouzouki, banjo and the mandolin! it’s a list of awesomeness! So here it is..the song of the week.

I hope you all end up loving this band as much as I do.

Have an amazing rest of the week!! 🙂

An awesome song

This song is a few months old but I literally just heard it and I think it’s so awesome I felt the need to post it.

The picture in the video is of one of the band members..

I don’t feel like discussing the meaning of the lyrics they aren’t very happy.. 🙂 but the song is awesome and its now being sung by me in my head..and im rockin it.

I hope everyone is still having an awesome week!!

Song : Pumped up kicks lyrics by : Foster the People

French Loaves with a twist top

Yesterday I went  shopping with my friend, as I was getting ready I grabbed my boots and threw one of them on the bed while I put the other on and a giant spider crawled out of my boot and onto my bed!!!! As I started to scream it ran under my sheets and I couldn’t find it so I called my dad and asked him to bring home one of those bug bomb things. When I arrived home I decided I would spend the day making bread since I was much to terrified to go in my room. Before I started I ran in my room grabbed my thermometer, my american cooking cookbook and my camera..I then (with the help of my dad) covered my computer and radio and printer with towels and set off the bug fogger. With that whole spider scare behind me I headed out to my kitchen and started making bread..now I havent made bread in a few months so I was terribly excited. I looked through my cookery book and chose French Loaves with a twist top, bread that is amazing toasted with honey.

So I started making the bread and of course I put on some music (you must have music on when you bake and cook). Now when you cook the music has to be (of course this is just my opinion) Big Band music…but when you bake…thats when you turn on some rock music..any type..Yesterday I turned to an awesome band called “Flogging Molly”. It is SO much fun to bake when Flogging Molly is on..I really cant explain why..just go and bake with Flogging Molly on and you’ll get it. Anyways I get the butter melted and the milk warmed and then combined and I pour it over the yeast and then mix till its dissolved. I then go out to the freezer in the garage and get my giant bag of flour and add in the 2 cups..then mix…then 2 cups..then mix..then again 2 cups, when it’s all combined I add in the salt last..just because im paranoid the salt will still kill the yeast so I always add it last. I the set the dough on a cutting board..wash the bowl, spray it with cooking spray..place the dough in the bowl and put a towel over the top and let rise for an hour (I always let mine rise in the microwave). No Reservations…here I come (:

After waiting close to an hour I check on my dough again…

Its ready!! I wash my hands, lightly flour my cutting board and turn the dough out on to it. I knead the dough until it’s absolutely perfect..meaning its smooth and there are no lumps and its soft and perfect. Then I cut off the 1 cup of dough (for the twist top) and then cut the dough in to equal halves. I then take one piece of dough and form in to an oblong loaf and then set it on the pan I already greased..I then do the same with the other half of the dough. Then this is the part that was most difficult for me the first time I made this bread…the twist top..(this gets easier after you’ve made pretzels a few times) anyways you take the extra dough and divide it in half..then you take one half and roll it out as long as you can get it..I then like to pick it up and stretch it out (softly) with my hands until it is double the size of the oblong loaves. Now you get to twist it YAY! haha, I put my pointer finger in the middle, then sharply twist it..then just keep twisting it till your done and place it one the bread

Now you set the bread aside and let it rise until doubled in size (about 30 to 50 minutes)..after waiting you beat one egg and brush the bread with it..then you slide the bread in the oven at 350 degrees and bake (the book says 20 but mine takes 30) for 20-30 minutes and then you get this.

Allow the bread to cool for at least 20 minutes (if you cut it too soon the bread will dry out) and then enjoy! This bread is beautiful!! it’s a pretty sweet bread so it doesn’t go well with soups but its amazing with breakfast or as a snack.

Oh and back to the spider..later when it was safe to go  back in my room and I was pulling the sheets off my bed to wash em I found the spider..dead..under my covers so its all good haha (:

Have an amazing weekend!!!

Oh and Daisy..my lovely dog, of course joined me in the kitchen while I made this bread :).

Changing favorite bands…(song of the week)

This is a big deal…changing favorite bands I mean especially if music is as important as air, water and food to you. Aerosmith was my favorite band for seven years, I started questioning whether they were still my favorite band or not after the band started having public fights and Steven Tyler started acting like a drama queen. One reason I was able to love Aerosmith for seven years and not question it was because they were like a family and I saw no end in sight…I loved the fact that they were basically a piece of the past, one of the few bands who was able to keep it together while other bands were falling to pieces (and the fact that they could incorporate blues in to their hard rock sound wasnt too bad either). Now its different, the band is fighting and it seems like they don’t even know the future of Aerosmith so its time for me to move on to a different band, I still love Joe, Joey, Brad and Tom but right now im over Steven Tyler..I feel like he walks away from them whenever he feels like it. The band I have chosen to replace Aerosmith is the “Cold War Kids”. The band is amazing! there songs are pure, catchy, meaningful, and unique. The band formed in 2004 in Long Beach, CA and in my opinion their best music video is the one for the song “Hang me up to dry” its a master piece…but this is not music video of the week this is the song of the week and the song of the week is “Royal Blue” by the Cold War Kids this song will.. I promise you, get stuck in your head and you will love it! you will hum this song while walking down the streets not caring that people are thinking you to be a crazy, while doing house work, home work and anytime some one says the word royal this song will start playing in your head. After listening to “Royal Blue” and falling in love with this purely awesome band listen to “The Wedding” by the Cold War Kids…you will literally dance in your seat. Have a great Holiday Week!! :)(oh the pics are of the band messin around and they are my favorite ones)

Song of the week (really quick)

K this post is going to be really short and quick because I’m working on science but I just thought of what I want this weeks song to be so here it is….Lisztomania by Phoenix….its one of those songs that makes you want to walk around barefoot taking pictures of random things and people and it fits today perfect because outside its lovely…its in the low 70’s there is a little breeze and the sun is shining. I can’t go out and have a lisztomania day because im too busy but I encourage you to 🙂 Keep having an awesome monday!

My song of the week!

I am soo happy this week is finally over! This weekend I will be doing more science labs and reading “Sense and Sensibility” for english, I will also probably watch a few movies like always. I have picked a song for the week and that is the point of this post, the song I have chosen for this week is……drum roll please…. “In the mood” by Glenn Miller! I absolutely adore this song! I listen to it at least once a day while taking notes for school, it makes me dance in my computer chair 😉 I chose this song for this week because I have just loved the cold weather outside and when its cold outside or raining I love blaring big band music. I love how happy this song is, and the way it starts out is so amazing I smile so wide its like im meeting Russell Crowe, and the way it’s pieced together…this song is just great….my favorite part is when the song slows down and then starts up again. I hope everyone has a great weekend! 🙂