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Pirates of the Caribbean 4….The official Trailer..*insert excited scream*

OH OH OH im so excited…everytime i watch this trailer my heart almost stops..


From the Seas

The picture that I have chosen for my header is of me looking up..in the right corner it says “From the Seas” which most think I put just because I live near the coast or because I love the ocean. From the seas is what the pirates of the golden age of piracy would say when asked where they were from when caught by the british navy. I read that fact in a book about Black Bart (my favorite pirate) and I thought it was so cool that instead of acknowledging their actual home country where they were from the men   (most of them being from Ireland or Britain at the time) would simply say “From the Seas” it’s so cool to me..I love pirates! I think they are so interesting especially Black Bart because of the way he led his men..setting up great rules (he didn’t even allow gambling or women on his ship). One day when im older and im finally opening my first bakery I want the name to have something to do with pirates..so lately “From the Seas” has been my obsession because I spend quite a bit of time thinking of different names that would work for a bakery..ex “From the Seas cafe”.


Anyways..just random facts and thoughts..Have a great weekend!!