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Song of the week : Young the Giant

This weeks song of the week was discovered while  deciding if I was going to like a band that I was becoming interested in…that was a confusing sentence 🙂 . Basically Young the Giant is played on the radio, two songs. “Cough Syrup” and “My body”, while listening to cough syrup like a maniac I found this song because I needed a break and let me tell you. This song is my love. I forget every time the energy that is poured in to this song. The song starts out calm and beautiful and just turns in to a crazy punk sounding mess half way towards the end and I always go crazy! I love it so much! This is the song that will pick you up off of the ground, dust you off and set you off on your merry way.

Listen to this song and become inspired to kick some serious butt out there in that world of ours!

Thank you for reading and listening and I hope everyone has an amazing rest of the week and a lovely weekend! God Bless! 🙂

“The riddles of God are more satisfying than the solutions of man.”

-G.K. Chesterton



A quick update

Oh has life been busy..? Why yes, yes it has…and I hate it. School started two weeks earlier than I had originally planned/thought so I didn’t exactly finish my summer to-do list but I AM still working on it. I am almost done reading Lord of the Rings, I did end up making a new pie (that post will be written soon hopefully) and I just gave up on the flower bulbs so now they are completely dead in my backyard and honestly I could care less because they were annoying little things. I adopted a new outside cat (my mom has to keep reminding me that he is in fact an outside cat) named Baloo after the bear from the Jungle Book. He is absolutely darling! If I could have one pet for the rest of my life I would choose him. I recently went on an interesting trip to Vegas…learned a lot on that trip (hopefully I will also be able to write about that as well soon). Other than all that it’s just been school, visiting with a cat, and somehow losing my mind in the process. My life sounds very simple right now but it really isn’t haha.

I miss my blog, I feel like I have been neglecting a friend or a good book that I started and never finished and its bothering me. I hope to get in the groove of things and finally have a bit of an organized life so that I can start blogging again because it is truly missed!

That is all for now. I hope to be back on soon writing about Vegas and the outlet store finds and also Baloo and the pie. Thank you for reading and I hope everyone has an amazing week!!! 🙂 (It felt weird not having a picture so here ya go…:] )

When life gets tough..

When life gets tough and you feel you can’t go any further its important to remember this quote..”When you reach the end of your rope, tie a knot in it and hang on” – Thomas Jefferson.

So today after being unable to give a presentation to a class that I spent all morning preparing for, then my computer being a pain, then learning (the hard way) that even best friends can be deceiving and dealing with so much drama it made me want to crawl in to a hole….I finally decided that it was time to tie the knot in my rope and just hang on.

I came home from my best friends grandmothers house and took the pups for a long walk to try to clear my head. I then came home and got in comfy pajama bottoms, threw on an oversized t-shirt and pulled on fluffy colorful socks. After taking a few deep breaths..I decided that hard days deserve a piece of dark chocolate so I wandered in to the kitchen for a late night snack of milk and a square or two of chocolate and then landed on the couch. I also decided that after you’ve tied your knot in your rope..its important to remember the carefree days of childhood…so I did what any person that was born in the 90’s would do…I turned on Little Bear.  At this moment im watching little bear and not thinking about a worry or even the real world…as far as im concerned it doesn’t exist until tomorrow morning. Sometimes we all need to just let go of the reigns and take a break…its a necessity.

Some rules for letting go:

  1. Fluffy socks…you need fluffy socks to really let go and relax.
  2. Some sort of treat..a bit of chocolate maybe?
  3. Sweat pants or pajama bottoms…your now hanging on for the ride..you dont need jeans.
  4. A movie or show to transport you back to your childhood.
  5. And finally..the most important rule!! You can’t let go forever..this is life and sometimes it gets sucky..take a break but not  forever…eventually re-enter reality..slowly if needed and if you start to get too stressed listen to Enya 🙂

Camelot Book Store

Camelot Book Store… The best used book store ever!! hands down no exceptions. I have been going to this store for close to a year now and every book that ive purchased there has become my favorite…I bought my first first edition book there! Swiss Allmends and a walk to see them by Foster Barham Zincke..published in 1874 making it the oldest book I own and the most beautiful..mhm 🙂

Just look at it

The last time I had the pleasure of visiting Camelot Book store was about a week before Christmas, I was in the Classic literature section which houses the best books! Peter Pan, Robin Hood, The wonderful Wizard of Oz and even Treasure Island..I found this beautiful copy of Treasure of Island that day

The red capped man on the cover is beyond awesome

I didn’t buy it though..a few minutes after finding it a couple walked in..they were Christmas Shopping for their kids who love the classics just as much as I do..and since I already own an awesome older copy of Treasure Island, I gave it to them. I even got to help them pick out a few other books which was a lot of fun since it felt like I was working there. After I walked on over to some Robert Louis Stevenson books.

Just look at em

I have become a lot more adventurous at the book store over the past few months. I use to stay in my one corner which had books on Anthropology, Ships and Shipwrecks (also pirates 🙂 ) and Murder (that’s actually where I picked up my giant book on Jack The Ripper) but I am now proud to say I visit the poetry section, mythology, children’s books (you can find the most beautiful fairytale books there)

See..isnt it gorgeous

 and classic literature. I even discovered a poet that I am quite fond of now..Margaret Fishback..I bought her book “One to a customer” which is full of hilarious poems.

It even came in a cute little striped box..only 6$!

Camelot Book Store is the only store I buy books from now, I use to love Barnes and Noble but now whenever I go I can’t push my self to buy one of their books…they are soo expensive! At Camelot I can buy around 5 books every time I visit since they are only around 5 dollars each.

I love all my books, but the ones I have purchased from Camelot I do love most..older books are just so much more beautiful ( the binding) and its fun to sometimes see the notes scribbled on the page inside saying Happy Birthday or This reminded me of you. Its fun to know someone else visited Treasure Island the same way you did..through that one book.

Portals to other worlds

“Of all things which man can do or make here below, by far the most momentous, wonderful, and worthy are the things we call books”

Thomas Carlyle

Why every Star Wars fan and geek loving human needs to see “Fanboys”

As I sit on my couch coughing non stop wishing I hadnt been the one sitting front row for Fantasmic! at Disneyland in 45 degree weather the only thing getting me through my final days of Thanks giving break is the movie “Fanboys”. Oh “Fanboys”, how I love thee..I was first shown this movie by my father about 4 months ago and immediately fell madly in love. The movie is about four and later five friends traveling across country to the Skywalker Ranch to steal a copy of the new star wars film for their friend who is dying of cancer before the film is released. What makes this movie a gem is the fact that they are all crazy star wars fans…they know every little thing and even fight about the film. I have seen “Fanboys” about 10 times since being introduced to the movie and I constantly quote the movie with my friend who also now loves the movie. The great thing about this movie is if you love Star Wars you will for sure love this, if you love geeky cute guys or girls you will love this, and even if you like neither of those you should probably give this movie a chance because even if you aren’t a fan of Star Wars (for reasons I cannot understand) and you miss all the Star Wars jokes (and there are a lot) you will fall in love with the characters even wishing you could become best friends and you laugh non stop because oh gosh are the lines hilarious its non stop laughing.

A quote from the amazing movie

Windows-” You guys both got to stop perpetuating this myth that Boba Fett is some kind of bad-ass. All right? He has a jet pack. So did the Rocketeer. Really cool. When it comes time for battle, the man’s Michael Bay – all style, no substance.”

Hutch-“If you diss the Fett the again, I will corn-hole you with a lightsaber!”

Oscar Wilde….

I love poetry, if music was non-existent poetry would be my number one obsession. Instead of spending allowance on cd’s and vinyl in target and on eBay I would spend my money and time in the poetry section of used book stores.  Of all the amazing poets of today and of the past my favorite is definitely Oscar Wilde. Born October 16th, 1854 in Dublin, Ireland; Oscar Wilde is extremely popular and remembered for his work as a playwright and poet. I love Oscar Wilde’s work so much because he wasnt afraid to say what he was thinking no matter how many people disagreed with him, I feel as though almost everyone secretly agreed with Oscar Wilde they just didn’t speak up. I love the pictures of Mr. Wilde in which he is wearing a cape, hat and holding a cane, he was so unlike anyone of his time and he wasn’t afraid to show it off he was beyond proud of it.

“Most people are other people. Their thoughts are someone elses opinions, their lives a mimicry, their passions a quotation”

– Oscar Wilde

October 16th, 1854  – November 30th, 1900

Daisy….my pup

Daisy and her potatoI have two dogs Daisy May (a boxer) and Tootsie Elizabeth (a shih tzu) (her name is ridiculously proper) my favorite dog is Daisy. Now don’t get me wrong Tootsie is hilarious I love her too, she’s just too crazy for me. Daisy is the type of dog that wants you to like her, so she listens when you tell her to do something unlike Tootsie who just walks away. I like to think there is no other dog like Daisy but I know there are probably a lot like her, she loves sun bathing (even last week when it was 110 she tried to sun bathe but we brought her inside) baths (as long as the water is warm) and sleeping on pillows for hours. She has this toy dog that says “happy new year amigos” from Taco Bell from a billion years ago that we gave her and when she bites it in a certain spot it says “happy new year amigos” so she will go around the house for about an hour just making the stuffed dog say it, she becomes obsessed with it….its the cutest, funniest thing. She also loves raw potatoes, sometimes they will fall out of the bag when I grab a few for cooking and she just picks it up and starts eating it, its soo funny to see. One time she grabbed a big bag of chocolate and ran to the backyard with it and ate the entire thing and was totally fine. Another time she ate a bee or a wasp and it stung her face and her face blew up and got puffy, it looked like she got socked or something it was scary to see but also funny because she eats everything and that’s what happens when your dog isn’t picky. When we first got Daisy, she would always run outside so we would get this red broom we use to have to scare her back in (we didn’t hit her with it, it was just to scare her in) and to this day (7 years later) she is still scared of red brooms. Daisy is also an emotional eater, everyday when my dad comes home from work she gets super happy and excited and runs to her food bowl to eat (it is the just beyond funny). One time right after I had gotten my cat Drama, who at the time was a kitten, I asked Daisy “Wheres Drama??? Wheres Drama??” and she led me right to Drama who was hiding under my parents bed. We got Daisy a few weeks before christmas so it was cold out, at the time we had one of those heaters that’s metal that you plug-in and basically no one should have one because if you bump in to it you will burn, anyways Daisy loves being warm and whenever the heater was off she would bark at it (it was the cutest thing in the world). Also when she was a pup her legs were so long she couldn’t figure out how to reach her dog food bowl so she would just stare down at it.  The picture is of her eating a potato, I took it last month.

“You think dogs will not be in heaven? I tell you, they will be there long before any of us.”

– Robert Louis Stevenson

The heat almost killed me..also my favorite chef

 Okay so I live near the coast…I’m use to it being in the 70’s towards the end of September but for some reason it has been in the 100’s. I learned something about myself this week…I cannot live in hot weather, I can’t concentrate, I can’t cook or bake 😦 I couldn’t even sleep (okay that’s an exaggeration I did sleep but only for about 5 hours a night the rest of the time was spent tossing and turning). Today it was 86 and it actually felt cool to me! I could think again! I got a good night sleep! my cat Hunter who is a giant fur ball was no longer suffering! it was a great day. I’m writing this because I can finally think and I havent been able to post anything in a week, k so finally a point to this post of whining..My favorite chef!

drum roll please 😉

Marco Pierre White, I discovered this awesome british chef while watching “No Reservations” (<love that show). Chef White has taught many great chefs such as Gordon Ramsay, I don’t know about you but when I think of Gordon Ramsay I think of a scary tuff chef who I wouldn’t mess with but Chef White has no problem telling him what he really thinks of him (they no longer get along) and it seems like Chef White is the only person who has no problem purposely pissing off Gordon Ramsay (Chef White even made Ramsay cry once!)..its great but enough about him and Gordon. Chef White made history by being the youngest British chef to be awarded with 3 Michelin Stars at the young age of 33. Chef White is able to be such an amazing chef because he doesn’t listen to the rules or the critics he does what he knows in his mind to be right, he spends time with nature and watches how animals are and what they eat, giving him new inspiration. Chef White actually cares about the food and not just about the money and the title making him great!

“We are in an age of refinement, not invention; all the greatest dishes have been done, Mother Nature is the true artist and our job as cooks is to allow her to shine”

– Marco Pierre White