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Pictures from my weekend

I was just about to get off my computer when I realized I hadn’t posted the pictures from when I went to the movies to see Voyage of the Dawn Treader and the rest of my weekend…so i quickly jumped back on (:

K so this weekend I went and saw Voyage of the Dawn Treader and I took pics of the movie poster and of things at the theater and then saturday I went to my best friends little brothers bday party because he’s beyond awesome!

Every loyal fan has something they can wear to a new movie and im a loyal fan…in comes my lion medallion! I bought this thing off of eBay about two years ago and I LOVE it…the lion looks like Aslan so that’s a win. The second picture is of the movie poster..the awesomely magical movie poster that made me even more excited (if that was even possible). The third picture is awesome..it has nothing to do with Narnia but everything to do with the movie theater and Some Like it Hot…enter the Some like it grilled sign at the concession stand in the movies that blew my mind! Its even written in the same font used for Some like it Hot. The last picture is very random but funny..as me and my friend are sitting there waiting for the movie to start the sign that tells you to shhhhh got stuck for like 3 minutes..so I took a picture..that night i also lost my wallet at the movies and i literally almost passed out but then the awesome movie workers found it! yay! k now its time to party….

My best friends little brother turned 7 on saturday!!! so yeah we went out and partied at Dave and Busters which was a lot of fun! I spent most of my time on this pirate game where you shot skeleton pirates with a machine gun…so much fun (the game is at Disneyland’s arcade too that’s where I first found it) I also got to watch three drunk lady’s fight at the bar (it wasnt a big deal they were just kinda yelling at eachother…I just could not believe how drunk they were) After cashing in our tickets my friend and I shopped and I got awesome stuff (well I think its awesome). We then headed back to my friend’s house and turned a cake in to a donut (yeah I know awesome right?) and watched her little bro rip threw his present’s (: it was a fun night.

K now my goal for the week is to of course post the song of the week (which will get done ) but I also want to post a recipe for peanut butter cookies that I have been waiting to post for about a month now so if im lucky that will happen this week..but if not I have no school for two weeks after this week so it will happen then (: have a great week!!!!


AMAZING!! Voyage of the Dawn Treader

Amazing..simply magical..beautiful…I was really worried to see Voyage of the Dawn Treader because..to be honest, Prince Caspian (while it was great and I still love it) it wasnt magical like The Lion, the Witch, and the wardrobe. If you need to be proved that the makers and writers of the Chronicles of the Narnia movies wont fail again on the magical level…this is the movie you need to see to become amazed again. The movie starts off pretty quickly..I felt like I sat down and instantly the kids were whisked away to Narnia, but that’s my only complaint.. honestly I loved that movie it was so good and much better than i had expected. In this movie I knew that it was only going to be Edmund and Lucy and their annoying cousin (who, don’t worry, becomes pretty awesome) but Susan and Peter are also seen in this movie which was great!! Oh and of course King Caspian who somehow got even more good looking..The ending made me cry..well honestly sob..but in a good way. When you leave this movie you will feel completely satisfied, The stories of the major characters are perfectly left off…Aslan is amazing and again the movie is magical.

I will be postin pics that i took at the theater later(I’m not on my computer at the moment)  and adding the stories that go with the pics…the point of this post was just to say if you were thinking about seeing the Voyage of the Dawn Treader and you aren’t sure because maybe you weren’t satisfied with Prince Caspian…SEE THIS MOVIE it’s the real deal, you get the magical feeling you got from The Lion the Witch and the wardrobe. (oh and just random fact..I didnt see this movie in 3D which may have made it better since 3D gets pretty annoying and can make the scenes look blurry)

I hope everyone has an amazing weekend…(: