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Christmas time has finally arrived. Christmas music has been playing non-stop for this girl *points at self* and christmas movies are the only option! nothing else! Lights are being strung up around houses, eggnog lattes are being sold at Disneyland, scarves and knit caps are now being worn by people besides hipsters and the smell of cinnamon and pure magic is filling the air. This weeks song of the week is of course a Christmas song, it was my favorite when I was younger and I use to sing it to my cat Hunter and he absolutely loved it!

It’s Santa Baby!! one of the best Christmas songs ever, true story its a fact!

I hope you all had an amazing Thanksgiving and I hope your week doesn’t completely suck! Think of Christmas, cinnamon, sparkly lights and family traditions if you get stuck in the holiday blues.

Thank you for reading and God bless you all!! 🙂


Christmas lights at Naples

I know Christmas is long over but I only now have time to post the pictures from my trip to Naples so here we go :).

This is a tradition, every year we bundle up..pile in to the car and drive down to Naples to eat at Dominicos and then walk the neighborhood to look at Christmas lights. On the way we saw Home Depot parking lots filled with trees (those are long gone now 😦 ) and this lovely sign that was quite difficult to decipher..

But then we finally made it to Domincos!!!! Oh my does this resteraunt know how to make pizza..salad dressing..and everything else your little heart desires. That night we were desiring fried mozzarella sticks, fried zucchini, fried calamari, a salad and a pizza with everything on it. Not a very healthy meal but its the Holidays (I said that so many times last week) the pizza was amazing!!

Look at that picture, want that pizza…leap in to your vehicle and race to Domincos in Naples to get a slice  because it was even better than it looks. After filling our stomachs to capacity..we climbed out from behind our booth and exited the building..But I did manage to snap a picture of this awesome picture (it reminded me of my music appreciation teacher)

I found it quite awesome…NOW off to the lights!

Since it had been raining for hours before hand there were about 30 people out ..so instead of feeling like you were at Disneyland on the busiest day of the year it was like walking in the woods in the middle of nowhere. Now some of the pictures are stupidly blurry but it was freezing..I only had one free hand (i had Starbuck’s mmm) so yup. First is a house that looked like a cottage from a fairytale

And dont worry no one was left out this glorious holiday season..;)

The little decorations the folks put out is so beautiful this was probably my favorite

I love this house..i take a picture every year

This little set up reminded me of Gimli from LOTR

And oh yes…Mickey was there as well.

Hands down..my favorite house!

I hope you liked the pics..and I hope everyone has an awesome New Years!!! 🙂